Get your motor running…

The first day in Munich started slowly. I got up and showered, finished my blog from yesterday and then posted it. While I was doing that, I had a little friend hanging out with me – a bee! It was just walking aroundThe Bee and the Computer my computer, being all cute and fuzzy. When it fell off the counter and landed on its back, I put down my finger, it grabbed on and I put it back on the counter. Eventually it flew away. Then I headed down to the train station to meet Jim. We took our own little walking tour of the city, seeing the HofBrau Haus (which looks just like the one in Vegas!)and generally taking in the sights.

Vegas posterOne of those sights, in the window of the Hard Rock Café, was a sign for a 4th of July party featuring a band called, get this, Vegas. I just can’t get away.

Since we didn’t know what we were gonna do, we went into the tourist information center, got a map and decided to hit The Rezidence (the former palace of the King of Bavaria). They had two tours, one inside the residence itself and one of the crown jewels and other ornamental things. We did both. It was funny, though, when we went to get our audio wands for the tour, the guy working saw Jim’s New Zealand shirt and asked him about it. When he found out Jim was from there originally, he told usPerseus statue he had just been there on vacation and proceeded to show us pictures of his vacation!

The most interesting thing about the Rezidence, though, was that it had been almost completely destroyed and then rebuilt into its former grandeur. There was a lot of talk about the furniture and the rooms, but we were more interested in the artwork so after a while we started skippingGreat hall things. The jewels were quite cool, though, and a lot of reliquaries were represented (things built to held relics, including one which at one time held four pieces of the original cross).

Afterwards, we ate – and I don’t want to get off on another rant about food here, but Bavarian food kinda scares me. Things like suckling pig knuckle and sweet meats were proudly on offer. Both Jim and I ended up having bratwurst, potato salad and pretzels (they serve pretzels as bread here). By the way, bread during your meal is NOT free here. In fact, nothing is free here. If you want butter for your bread, that’s extra. And the bread? They’ll bring it out and set it on the table, even if you don’t ask for it, and you’ll get charged for it. Just an important safety tip.

Anyway, after dinner we still had some time so we thought we’d try and find the BMW museum. It wasn’t on the map but Kamilla had told me where it was and I thought I remembered so we went off and had an adventure.

When we found it, we walked up to pay and were told it was free to celebrate the grand opening! See this wasJaq and Bike a new version of the museum and it was opening day. We had no idea! And let me tell you, it would have been worth it even if we’d had to pay! It was awesome! It was a state of the art place (Jim kept saying it was science fiction) with interactive displays, modern art and more cars and motorcycles than you could shake a crank shaft at. The Skids in me was going nuts! They had five engines lined up with headsets hanging downJIm and the engines in front of them. When you put on the headset, you hear the sound that particular engine makes while starting and revving. Their gift shop leaves something to be desired, but at least I didn’t spend money there.

We headed back and I said goodbye. Jim is heading off to Rome tonight on an overnight train so I’m back to being on my own. Probably better that way. Was thinking of going to Dachau tomorrow but I’m just not in the mood. I’ve extended my stay here in Munich by two days so I’ll have time to do it on Tuesday. Tomorrow I think I’m gonna go to the Duetsche Museum tomorrow and then Castle Neuschwanstein on Monday.

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