Review: Obvious Child (2014)

Obvious ChildNo matter what the ads say, this is not a “Rom-Com” about abortion. It’s romantic, yes. It’s has an abortion as a through line, sure, but it’s in the comedy part where I question things. I’m not saying it’s a bad film but it’s not a particularly funny one.

The story follows Donna Stern (Jenny Slate) who is a 28 year old, adrift in New York. She’s working days at a dead end job in a “quirky” book store (which, we find out we see her there, is closing) and at night she’s trying to make a go of it as a stand up comedian. After being dumped by her boyfriend, she ends up having a one night stand with a nice guy, Max (Jake Lacy) and gets pregnant. The rest of the film is her dealing with the consequences of this action. Continue reading “Review: Obvious Child (2014)”