Street Smarts 2

hqdefaultStreet Smarts 2 – Reviewed by Skids Poppe

Hi. Remember a couple of months ago when I told you how good Street Smarts was? Guess what? Once is not enough and the producers of the original have now given us Street Smarts 2: The Advanced Course in Urban Survival.

This edition runs forty-five minutes and is incredibly informative, if a little boring. The format consists of a black screen with a question printed in white then video of a bunch of racers (it looks like it was taped out here at our own Willow Springs) answering the question. Sounds simple and it is.

When I got it, I thought Great. I’ll be able to learn how to control my bike now that I’ve got that .50 caliber mounted on the front. After watching for the whole forty-five minutes, I realized “Urban Survival” didn’t mean what I thought it was going to mean. Not a problem. In this case, urban survival is more of how to survive on the street.

And who better to tell you about how to survive on the street than a bunch of racers? At least that’s the philosophy in this tape.

This is the chance for you to get advice from the experts. And good advice it is. The best moments come when there’s actual race footage of someone doing exactly what you shouldn’t do. These graphic examples of mistakes in action make the tape worth its weight. But you shouldn’t ignore the rest of the questions just because they make you feel like you’re in school.

The questions are valid. How to ride in the rain, how much brake to apply, how to deal with foreign objects in the road (no, I’m not taking about the French guy you hit the other day), These are all important things to know whenever you mount up.

The expert list is also impressive. Chuck Graves, Bruce Tebo, and Steve Patterson, all of whom are champion riders. Let’s face it, any chance to learn more about how to stay alive while on two wheels is a good thing in my book. If we weren’t, then there’d be no way for us to see the sole female expert on this tape.

I must admit, I’m a bit biased. The only chick racer interviewed is Tobi Cohen. I know what you’re thinking: “Skids, why does that name sound so familiar?” I think I can answer that. See, Tobi is one of CA Bike’s premiere writers and she’s hot! I know I’d spend a lot more time at the track if I knew the racers looked like her. I’ve actually met Tobi and you’ve probably read one of her many great articles. Besides, she is hot!

So should you spend the time to watch Street Smarts 2? Yes. By the time you’re done, all your questions will be answered. And if they’re not, write me and I’ll do what I can to make sure they do a Street Smarts 3.

Skids wants Tobi to give him private riding lessons.


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